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Soaring Society of America

Welcome to Soaring!

"Although powered aircraft may express the language of flight, soaring is its eloquence." - Richard Miller, SOARING Editor, 1967"

Silently slipping through skies of blue is the perfect venue for personal aviation challenge...flying longer, higher, farther, faster on atmospheric power.

"These slow glides in rising currents probably hold out greater hope of extensive practice than any other method within man's reach... ...when gliding operators have attained greater skill, they can, with comparative safety, maintain themselves in the air for hours at a time in this way, and thus by constant practice so increase their knowledge and skill that they can rise into the higher air and search out the currents which enable the soaring birds to transport themselves to any desired point by first rising in a circle and then sailing off at a descending angle."  --Wilbur Wright, Sept 18, 1901

"These slow glides" have evolved to incredible soaring flights of more than 1,000 miles and to altitudes in excess of 50,000'.  National and international competition involves races over closed courses sometimes exceeding speeds of 100 mph.  Yet, every year hundreds of young people get their initial flight training in sailplanes, and in the USA can solo at 14 and obtain an FAA private pilot certificate at 16. 

The Soaring Society of America is an organization that developed in 1932 to foster and promote all phases of soaring.   For more than 75 years our members have cooperated for recreation and achievement. But behind all the inspiration and all the records, are countless hours of devotion to flight training and safety, technological research and development, services to members, sponsorship and monitoring of competition, and representation to our Federal agencies to preserve glider access to airspace...much of it done on a volunteer basis! 

Sailplane flying is nearing a new golden age. We enjoy a "green" aviation sport that offers simple and accessible flying to people of all ages, although especially the youth who are so vital to us. By joining the SSA, you can join the happy ranks of people who stretch wings of freedom across the sky as the challenge themselves in the embrace of nature.  

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