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National Business Aviation Association

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National Business Aviation Association

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), a trade association headquartered in Washington, DC, was founded in 1947 to represent and protect the interests of the business aviation community. NBAA represents over 6,100 companies that own or operate general aviation aircraft as an aid to the conduct of their business, or are involved with business aviation. NBAA Member Companies earn annual revenues in excess of $5 trillion  a number that is about half the gross national product  and employ more than 19 million people worldwide. The Association presents the benefits of business aviation to the general public, and represents Members interests as the principal advocate and voice for business aviation before Congress, the Administration, state and local governments and the media.

NBAA's Statement of Purpose

To promote the aviation interests of corporations, in the United States and its possessions, operating aircraft as an aid to the conduct of their businesses; to foster among them the highest degree of operational efficiency and safety; to bring Members into closer personal and friendly relations with each other; to interchange ideas on operational matters; to advance and maintain an enlightened understanding on the part of government and airport authorities of Member problems; to take such steps as are proper and necessary in order to promote better relations and secure proper advantages from regulatory and other agencies, and by these means to attain wider recognition of the fact that business aviation is of primary importance to the economy of the nation.

--Taken from Article III of the Articles of Incorporation

NBAA's Vision

To be the recognized effective force for enhancing safety, efficiency and acceptance of business aviation.

NBAA's Mission

To serve the needs of NBAA's Members and the business aviation community.

NBAA's Values -- "SERVICES"

Satisfaction - We will not rest until our customers, both internal and external, acknowledge that their expectations and requests have been met or exceeded.

Efficiency - We will perform every task in a timely and professional manner, emphasizing speed, accuracy, proper use of resources and quality.

Relevance - All of our endeavors will be focused on the ultimate benefit and support of NBAA Members and the business aviation community.

Versatility - We encourage continuous improvement by addressing each opportunity with creativity, flexibility and innovation.

Integrity - We will conduct all of our activities with the highest commitment to honesty and objectivity.

Commitment - We will dedicate our resources of time and energy to fulfilling the vision and mission of NBAA, going the extra mile as required to serve the community.

Excellence - We will set the standards in quality, productivity and integrity by which our peers and competitors will be measured.

Safety - We will measure all of our activities by their impact on safety, the basic foundation for aviation's growth.


  • Street: 1200 18th Street, Suite 400
  • Postcode: 20036
  • City: Washington
  • State: DC


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Member Organizations

Members of the NCASE are aviation-related groups, organizations and businesses recognizing the importance of aviation education. Education projects contribute toward an informed and interested public, which is a vital factor in the continued welfare of all aviation activities. For information on how to become a member, CLICK HERE




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